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Our mission is to empower people to enhance their own health, finances, lifestyle, and purpose while making a real difference in the world.

Own Your Health

Built around our mission, we started Alovéa as a way to bring comprehensive and convenient daily nutrition to everybody. To help each of us be at our best, we developed a better approach to providing your body with everything it needs for optimal performance.

own your health
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Is at the center of everything we do

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Providing Hope

Our Buy 1, Nourish 1™ model of social giving is at the very heart of our Social Business mission. Consumers receive the best nourishment that science has to offer while providing a sustainable funding mechanism for meeting the needs of children, who without our support, have little hope of achieving and maintaining good health. 

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What is Social Business 3.0?

Alovéa is an innovative new platform created to equip and empower individuals who want to participate and profit from the most impactful business model of the 21st century called Social Business 3.0. Alovéa is a Public Benefit Corporation (social business) founded by two international non for-profit organization in order to provide sustainable solutions to the world’s most challenging health concerns.

what is social business

XperienceTM More

As you grow your business by sharing with others, you reach different entrepreneurship Impact Levels which trigger added compensation and incredible Lifestyle Bonuses* as well as fun and fabulous rewards and Xperiences! The Rewards Program* allows Social Business Partners to qualify for life-changing trips, resort vacations, and a variety of other memorable life Xperiences.

Where It All Started

Researchers at Carrington Labs discover, stabilize, and patent the immune-activating polysaccharide in fresh Aloe Vera gel and named it “Acemannan.”*
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Dr. Santiago Rodriguez developed the first stabilized Acemannan supplement for human immune system support.
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MannaRelief founded after Sam and Linda Caster gave the first stabilized Acemannan extract to an orphanage organization in Romania and witnessed its life saving impact on those children.
1999 timeline mannarelief
Dr. Rodriguez developed a new and more potent Acemannan extract and donated exclusive rights to MannaRelief.
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Alovéa created as a new social business to facilitate the distribution of the new Advanced Acemannan to the world.
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Our Leadership

Sam Caster
Founder, CEO
Bryan Farrar
COO, Legal Counsel
Steve Burns
Product Formulator
Daniel Hannon
Chief Technology Officer
Dr. Hackman
Chief Science Officer

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