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Alovéa HOPE Pops™

Alovéa HOPE Pops™

Naturliga, sockerfria, immunstärkande näringsmässiga godisgodis som är helt naturliga, sockerfria och som bygger upp immunförsvaret.

14 portioner som donerats till behövande barn

Ingredienser och teknik

Zero Sugar

Vitamin C

Tooth Friendly



No artificial sweetner

High fiber

Gluten Free

All-natural, sugar-free, immune-building candy treats

HOPE Pops are more than a healthy treat alternative!

Our proprietary Acemannan Aloe vera extract provides the most powerful immune-balancing unique formulation to provide the body with targeted immune support where it counts the most — in your gut.

Much more than a lollipop!

Looking for a healthy alternative to sugary treats? Alovéa HOPE Pops give you and your kids a sweet treat without having to compromise your healthy diet. Most importantly, no other pop out there is packed with nature’s most powerful immune-activating ingredient called Alovéa AE™.

Delicious & Good for You!

All Good Stuff. No Bad Stuff.

“Smart” immune-modulating impact may help the body lower overactive immune systems or activate sluggish ones.

Pure Aloe vera inner leaf gel extract

Pure Aloe vera inner leaf gel extract is standardized and stabilized using state-of-the-art technology. 

Alovéa AE™ (Acemannan Extract)

Supercharged with our exclusive Alovéa AE™ Acemannan Extract that contains the industry’s highest percentage of the immune-activating fractions of Acemannan. A strong immune system helps the body direct energy to other critical organs like the brain.

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