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Alovéa BIO-RES™ - 3 Pack

Alovéa BIO-RES™ - 3 Pack

Bio-Res Thermo provides a revolutionary new strategy for supporting the body’s biological functions of fat metabolism, thermogenesis, satiety and sugar and carb craving control.

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Ingredients & Technology

bio res thermo
icons biores thermo metabolism


icons biores thermo craving control

Craving Control

Revolutionary new strategy for weight management support.

The human body is a biochemical factory housed in a bioelectrical machine. Science has now shown us that the proper support of both functions, referred to as your metabolism, is essential in the achievement of optimal health and effective weight management. This is why dieting alone has not been proven to produce sustainable results.*

The resonant energy that supports the bioelectrical pathways that are necessary for an efficient fat burning metabolism are captured from specific plants, stabilized, and then transferred into BIO-RES THERMO.*

Bio-Res THERMO provides the missing link for both effective and sustainable weight control.*

22 0721 BioRes RELAX
icons biores relax reduce stress

Reduce Stress

icons biores relax repair restore

Repair & Restore

A revolutionary new strategy for freeing your body from the stranglehold of stress.*

Formulated to provide the specific resonant plant energies to help restore proper energy flow back to your rest, repair and regenerate functions, thus getting you back into your comfort zone.
bio res sleep
icons biores sleep repair restore

Repair & Restore

icons biores sleep better sleep

Better Sleep

Revolutionary new strategy for sleep support.

Revolutionary new strategy designed to work with the body’s bio-resonance systems to supply nighttime support for a restful recovery.

Provides a revolutionary new “non-hormone” solution to poor sleep challenges. BIO-RES SLEEP supports your body’s ability to normalize its bioelectrical fight or flight responses to things like stress, anxiety, or occasional feelings of depression. This BIO-RES formula can help you experience a deeper more restful sleep.*

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