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Ready to commit to a lifestyle change? Focus56+ is your opportunity to join the Metabolic Revolution!

Two Ways To Get Started

Option 1

Metabolic Lifestyle Kit

1 today 1

Option 1 - Metabolic Lifestyle Kit

We want to help you stay on track, so we’ve created Focus56+. This program makes it simple to purchase your first Metabolic Lifestyle Kit today and lock in the special pricing of $225 Preferred and the BIO-RES Relax on Flexship for 1 year! Another Kit will be shipped directly to you every 28 days after so you always have product on hand. Keep your commitment to your health strong and get the most out of our revolutionary metabolism products by purchasing the Focus56+ program.


Option 2

Metabolic Lifestyle Kit

2 today 1

Option 2 - Metabolic Lifestyle Kit

For the best value choose to purchase 2 kits now and qualify for a 20% discount off the Preferred Customer price and lock in the special pricing of $225 Preferred and the BIO-RES Relax on Flexship for 1 year! Your first Flexship will not be charged to your account until 56 days from the time you place your FOCUS 56+ order. After the first Flexship activates the next Flexship will renew every 28 days after that. Keep your commitment to your health strong and get the most out of our revolutionary metabolism products by purchasing the Focus56+ program.

Ingredients & Technology

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Plant Protein

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Gluten Free

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Premium Plant-Based, Nitro Boosting* multi-purpose shake

Alovéa Prime Shake is formulated with a variety of plant-sourced proteins in order to provide a wide range of amino acids.


The intake of protein in the morning can raise your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) up to 30% for about 4 hours. Protein provides the building blocks for the body’s production of lean (fat-burning) tissues.*


Fiber is resistant to digestion and therefore can raise your BMR. Xylooligosaccharides (XOS) are a minimum of 4 times more effective at enhancing your gut’s production of friendly bacteria over any other form of prebiotic fiber. XOS also have the added benefit of restricting bad bacteria growth. An imbalance in the ratio of friendly bacteria to bad bacteria in your gut is a major contributer to chronic inflammation and weight gain.*


A blend of plant-based ingredients that has been clinically shown to increase Nitric Oxide (NO) production in the body by up to 230%. Nitric Oxide is a vasodilator signaling blood vessels to relax thus increasing blood flow, oxygen and fuel to our cells which makes Prime Shakes a great workout drink.*

Digestive Enzymes

A broad range of digestive enzymes to support the proper breakdown of your foods into nutrient building blocks. Undigested foods result in wasted nutrients.*

Alovéa AE™ (Acemannan Extract)

Supercharged with our exclusive Alovéa AE™ Acemannan Extract that contains the industry’s highest percentage of the immune-activating fractions of Acemannan. A strong immune system helps the body direct energy to other critical organs like the brain.

bio res 3 pack
icons biores sleep better sleep

Better Sleep

icons biores sleep repair restore

Repair & Restore

icons biores thermo craving control

Craving Control

icons biores thermo metabolism


icons biores relax repair restore

Repair & Restore

icons biores relax reduce stress

Reduce Stress

Revolutionary new strategy for sleep, stress relief, and weight management support.

Resonant frequency (derived from a proprietary blend of herbs, plants, and spices) enhanced water.

Bio-Res Thermo

The human body is a biochemical factory housed in a bioelectrical machine. Science has now shown us that the proper support of both functions, referred to as your metabolism, is essential in the achievement of optimal health and effective weight management. This is why dieting alone has not been proven to produce sustainable results.*

The resonant energy that supports the bioelectrical pathways that are necessary for an efficient fat-burning metabolism are captured from specific plants, stabilized, and then transferred into BIO-RES THERMO.*

Bio-Res THERMO provides the missing link for both effective and sustainable weight control.*”

Bio-Res Sleep

Provides a revolutionary new “non-hormone” solution to poor sleep challenges. BIO-RES SLEEP supports your body’s ability to normalize its bioelectrical fight or flight responses to things like stress, anxiety, or occasional feelings of depression. This BIO-RES formula can help you experience a deeper more restful sleep.*

Bio-Res Relax

Formulated to provide the specific resonant plant energies to help restore proper energy flow back to your rest, repair and regenerate functions, thus getting you back into your comfort zone.
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icons focus plus clean energy

Clean Energy

icons focus plus fast impact

Fast Acting

icons focus plus super charged

Super Charged

icons focus plus no sweetners

No Artificial Flavors

Refreshing, fast-acting citrus drink mix with Alovea AE™ to energize the brain.

Clean Energy & Mental FocusEnhancer Without The Crash

A proprietary blend of whole food-sourced vitamins amino acids, caffeine and bioactive plant compounds that can energize the brain’s functions of focus, alertness, attention, and memory.*

Fast-acting & Sustainable impact

Provides 4-6 hours of optimal impact without the insulin response and energy crashes associated with high-sugar drinks.*

Super Charged with Immune optimizing Alovéa AE™

Alovéa AE™ contains the highest levels of immune activating Acemannans, which have been shown to improve cognitive performance.*

NO Artificial Flavors

NO Artificial Colors

NO Artificial Sweeteners

The Metabolic Lifestyle Kit, Program Guide, and Tips for Success

Help restore the energy pathways of your body that regulate Efficient Fat Burning Metabolism, Sustainable Energy, Focus & Memory, Gut Health, and Sleep.*

resource food guide

How Flexship Works

Alovéa’s Flexship program is designed to make it easy for you to have your products delivered each month so you don’t have to worry about placing a reorder each month. Setting up a Flexship order is easy and can be changed at any time. Simply find the product you want and select “Today’s order plus add to Flexship” and then add to your cart. In your cart you will see exactly what you are purchasing today and what will be placed on your Flexship. Your first Flexship could come in less than 28 days in order to get you on schedule.
After that it will generate every 28 days until you change or cancel your Flexship. We strive to make every delivery on time or early so your products are there for you before you run out. You can modify or cancel your Flexship at any time when you are logged into your account.
As a reward for using our Flexship program you receive 10% Product Credits for every dollar spent on any of your orders through Alovéa when you have an active Flexship. These Product Credits are available to be used at any time on future orders.
Alovéa’s Flexship is convenient, simple and a great way to take the stress out of remembering to order each month while earning 10% Product Credits!

Frequently Asked Questions

August 29th for full 16 weeks
October 3th for 12 full weeks
October 24th for full 8 weeks

Saturday January 7th on our FOCUS 2023 Broadcast @ 12PM CST –

Yes. We require all contestants to use all the products in the Metabolic Lifestyle Kit for the entire contest period (8, 12, or 16 weeks). Proof of purchase of the Metabolic Lifestyle Kit will be required.

Yes. If you are currently taking products that are important in your daily regimen, do not stop taking those. You can just add the Metabolic Lifestyle Kit products to your regimen for this challenge. Be sure to include all the Metabolic Lifestyle Kit products.

Yes, but you can participate in the challenge by purchasing the first Metabolic Lifestyle Kit and completing the form on the Start Challenge page to enter. You must then purchase and receive the second Metabolic Lifestyle Kit before your first kit of products run out.

You can also show proof of having a Metabolic Lifestyle Kit on your current Flexship and use that Kit for your Challenge, and then the second kit when it arrives.

No, this is optional. However, if you use Flexship you will earn 10% Product Credits for your order. You can participate by purchasing two Kits in advance or purchase one to have the first day of the challenge and a second kit to be delivered before 28 days later.

Flexship orders may be changed or cancelled at any time.

No, you must complete the proper amount of time on products to compete in any specific category.

Yes, Preferred Customers, Affiliates, and Social Business Partners can compete in the challenge.

All entry forms can be completed online. Once the contest is over, complete the Body Measurement Chart, which is to be included with your photo verification. This can be printed at home or local print shops (FedEx, UPS Stores, etc.). You can also use a newspaper, phone or other document confirming the current date.

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