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Mexico Hope


Feb - March 2023

Top 20 Volume from - 8/5/2022 - 11/25/2022

Xperience Details

Xperience the heart of Alovéa’s HOPE Movement!

There is truly a unique experience waiting for everyone who earns this amazing trip. There is so much to see and enjoy including the natural beauty of Leon, Guanajuato, the many delicious restaurants, and the colorful local arts community. You’ll be staying as a guest of President Fox in his majestic Hacienda San Cristóbal. This, however, is only part of the story of this Xperience. The most rewarding moments will be the time you spend with the children supported by the HOPE Movement. They will touch your heart and give insight into how each serving donated can make so much impact.

Incentive Rules

Top 20 Volume from 08/05/2022 – 11/25/2022 11:59 pm CST

Volume is composed of QV from

  1. Personal (non-case quantity) purchases
  2. Product purchases from your personally enrolled customers, affiliates, and social business partners who enroll on or after 8/05/2022
  3. The team volume generated from your personally enrolled customers, affiliates, and social business partners who enroll on or after 8/05/2022
  4. No more than 70% of your total Contest Volume can come from a single personal social business partner enrollment leg. This means you must have at least two personally enrolled SBPs in the contest period for qualification. A single personally enrolled SBP will not generate contest volume.
  5. No volume will be counted from before 8/05/2022
  6. All QV is net of applicable discount tier discounts
  7. Volume generated from bona fide sales to customers for their end use is qualified volume. Volume generated for the purpose of incentive qualification will be deemed to be disqualified volume.
  8. Case quantity purchases will not count
  9. Open to North American SBPs only
  10. Please see section 2.19 of the Alovéa Policies and Procedures.

See Last Trip

“Marta and I are excited to partner with Alovéa and the HOPE Movement in providing the best immune supporting products to our most vulnerable children. We invite each of you to Mexico to witness the amazing work we are doing together.”

— Vicente Fox, President of Mexico

Current Standings

  1. Lauren Kirschblum

    Volume: 29318

  2. Team Better You, LLC

    Volume: 28451

  3. Deutoronomy 6:10 LLC

    Volume: 17992

  4. Hope Vanguard

    Volume: 16406

  5. Dorcas Smith

    Volume: 16324

  6. Todd Harris

    Volume: 13074

  7. Nikki Angle

    Volume: 12623

  8. Heidi Mahler

    Volume: 9611

  9. Cindy Chau Tran

    Volume: 8054

  10. Mike & Janelle Friedrich

    Volume: 7950

  11. Jeremy Cummings

    Volume: 7945

  12. Gail C Frank

    Volume: 7851

  13. Upper Room Wellness Inc

    Volume: 7812

  14. Roger Herrin

    Volume: 7625

  15. Legacy Brothers, LLC

    Volume: 7507

  16. Jesse Reynolds

    Volume: 7357

  17. Psalm 112:1 LLC

    Volume: 6591

  18. Dorothy Hutson

    Volume: 6441

  19. Carissa Konrad

    Volume: 6143

  20. Jeff and Trish Davis

    Volume: 6072

  21. Robin Chenault

    Volume: 5624

  22. Luke Hall

    Volume: 5537

  23. Nancy Ray

    Volume: 5497

  24. Jonathan Berryhill

    Volume: 5411

  25. Mike Pilkington

    Volume: 5410

  26. Bonnie Smith

    Volume: 5407

  27. Joshua Zumhagen

    Volume: 5326

  28. Jeremy Banks

    Volume: 5275

  29. Missing Link Fitness and Nutrition

    Volume: 5143

  30. Tate Banks

    Volume: 5031

  31. Michelle Oelhafen

    Volume: 4908

  32. Barry Tallis

    Volume: 4859

  33. Brian Morgan

    Volume: 4658

  34. Colby Charlton

    Volume: 4282

  35. Mark Charlton

    Volume: 4263

  36. Jill Ballard

    Volume: 4107

  37. Martha Moncibaiz

    Volume: 4094

  38. Penny Hansen

    Volume: 3968

  39. Rani Anderson

    Volume: 3926

  40. Kellie Andrews

    Volume: 3914

  41. Mike Hellweg

    Volume: 3862

  42. Maria Hanson

    Volume: 3763

  43. Franklin A Taylor

    Volume: 3700

  44. Kori Pilkington

    Volume: 3684

  45. Kari Balk

    Volume: 3659

  46. Rachel Chung

    Volume: 3646

  47. Michael Olsen

    Volume: 3645

  48. Jane Conway

    Volume: 3636

  49. Justin Indihar

    Volume: 3616

  50. Deb Christensen

    Volume: 3612

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