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Are you ready for a
new me in 2023?

The NewMe 2023 Program is designed to give you products required to create momentum toward your vision of optimal health in 2023. This challenge is centered around Alovéa’s newly revamped Metabolic Lifestyle and Active Metabolic Lifestyle Kits, which are designed to bring energy, nutrition, and balance to your body’s metabolic functions through our proprietary Immune Optimized Metabolic process.
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Frequently Asked Questions

You can enter the content anytime! Please download all the forms and get your photos taken prior to starting the content. Then enter your results into the contest round where your Metabolic Lifestyle Kit day 28 ends.

Each contest round is 4 weeks long and winners will be announced on the 5th week of each round on our Zoom call and the contestants will be contacted directly via phone or email to arrange payment.

Yes, a valid order number that shows you purchased the Metabolic Lifestyle Kit is required to enter into the content.

Yes. If you are currently taking products that are important in your daily regimen, do not stop taking those. You can just add the Metabolic Lifestyle Kit products to your regimen for this challenge. Be sure to include all the Metabolic Lifestyle Kit products.

No, you must complete the proper amount of time on products to compete in any specific round.

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