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Alovéa BIO-RES™ Thermo

Alovéa BIO-RES™ Thermo

Bio-Res Thermo provides a revolutionary new strategy for supporting the body’s biological functions of fat metabolism, thermogenesis, satiety and sugar and carb craving control.

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Ingredients & Technology

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Craving Control

Revolutionary new strategy for weight management support.

The human body is a biochemical factory housed in a bioelectrical machine. Science has now shown us that the proper support of both functions, referred to as your metabolism, is essential in the achievement of optimal health and effective weight management. This is why dieting alone has not been proven to produce sustainable results.*

The resonant energy that supports the bioelectrical pathways that are necessary for an efficient fat burning metabolism are captured from specific plants, stabilized, and then transferred into BIO-RES THERMO.*

Bio-Res THERMO provides the missing link for both effective and sustainable weight control.*

Suggested Use

Morning and After Lunch:

Begin with 7 sprays under your tongue and hold in your mouth for 30 seconds before swallowing. Evaluate your response and adjust the number of sprays to your desired comfort level.

Approx. 420 sprays/bottle

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