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Metabolic Lifestyle Bundle

Metabolic Lifestyle Bundle

This Bundle is designed to give you the advanced nutritional products designed to help restore your gut health and optimal immune system functions as well as the clean energy and mental focus you may need each day. This kit makes it easy to get these products every month on your FLEXSHIP.

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Ingredients & Technology

icon mp whole food

100% Whole Food Vitamins & minerals

icon mp omega3

Bio-available Omega-3
Fatty Acids

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With Alovéa AE

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Alovéa’s METAPACK has been uniquely formulated with nature’s most powerful molecules for optimizing healthy immune system functions, a proprietary blend of 100% whole food vitamins and minerals to help fill the nutritional gaps in our modern diets, and a unique blend of fat-mobilizing plant extracts to aid in the restoration and maintenance of a healthy fat-burning metabolism.*
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Optimize AE

Immune Function Optimization*

(Highest Level of Immune-Activating Acemannan*)

A power-packed proprietary blend of best-in-class super-food extracts combined with our exclusive Alovéa Acemannan Extract (Alovéa AE™). This blend has shown to provide the optimal immune system support, inflammatory bio-marker defense, and oxidative damage protection to offset the ravaging effects that toxins and stress inflict on our body’s core metabolic functions.*


metapack pill vitality


100% Whole-Food Nourishment*

(No Synthetically Made Vitamins or Minerals)

A unique blend of nature’s most nutrient-dense foods, plants, sprouts and immune optimizing Acemannan. This amazing breakthrough composition provides whole-food sourced vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes and trace elements in their most bio-available form for the production and maintenance of healthy cells and an optimally functioning metabolism.*

CONTAINS: Tree Nuts (Coconut)

metapack pill mobilize 2


Advanced Omega-3 Formula

(Five Times More Bio-available Than Traditional Omega-3 fish Oils*)

Combines highly bio-available Omega-3 Lysine powder with a proprietary blend of fat-mobilizing plant extracts for the restoration and maintenance of a healthy fat-burning metabolism. The burning of fat for fuel instead of sugar helps reduce oxidative stress and pro-inflammatory responses in the body.*

CONTAINS: Fish (Anchovy)

AV FocusPlus FrtPnch 1022 vw
icon fp clean energy new

Clean Energy & mental focus without crash

icon fp fast acting new

Fast Acting & Sustainable impact

icon fp super charged

Super Charged with immune activating alovea ae

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No Artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners

Refreshing, fast-acting drink mix with Alovea AE™ to energize the brain.

Clean Energy & Mental FocusEnhancer Without The Crash

A proprietary blend of vitamins amino acids, caffeine and bioactive plant compounds that can energize the brain’s functions of focus, alertness, attention, and memory.*

Fast-acting & Sustainable impact

Provides 4-6 hours of optimal impact without the insulin response and energy crashes associated with high-sugar drinks.*

Super Charged with Immune optimizing Alovéa AE™

Alovéa AE™ contains the highest levels of immune activating Acemannans, which have been shown to improve cognitive performance.*

NO Artificial Flavors

NO Artificial Colors

NO Artificial Sweeteners

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