Alovéa FOCUS+™ Citrus Blast Stick Packs (4-Pack)

Alovéa FOCUS+™ Citrus Blast Stick Packs (4-Pack)

Refreshing, fast-acting citrus drink mix with Alovea AE™ to help energize the brain

112 servings for children in need!

About This Product

Alovéa’s proprietary blend of whole food sourced vitamins, neurotransmitting amino acids, and bioactive plant compounds energize the brain’s functions of focus, alertness, attention, and memory.* This advanced solution provides 4 to 6 hours of optimal impact without the insulin response and energy crashes associated with high sugar drinks. FOCUS+ is sweetened with Palatinose™, an amazing naturally sourced smart “sugar” that provides a sustained energy release thanks to its low-glycemic profile and contains no artificial flavorings, sweeteners or colorings. FOCUS+ is also super-charged with Alovéa AE™ which contains the highest levels of immune-activating Acemannans that have been shown to improve cognitive performance.


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