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Cognitive Bundle

Cognitive Bundle

Help restore healthy brain functions at all levels*

Bundle includes these products:

  • 1 – Cell-A-Brate
  • 1 – Entourage
  • 1 – Fix
  • 1 – FOCUS (choose your flavor)

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Ingredients & Technology

AV FUEL 1122 1 1
icons fuel super charged


icons fuel no sweetners

No Artificial Sweetners

icons fuel elevatp

Energy Production

icons fuel green tea

Green Tea

The optimal energy drink for clean energy, hydration, and faster recovery!

Stay Pumped. No Slump.

Whether you’re priming for a workout or just trying to get rid of that mid-afternoon slump, Alovéa Fuel gives you the guilt-free energy you need. At only 15 calories a serving using only natural sweeteners, replacing your unhealthy beverages with a refreshing Fuel is a no-brainer!

cell a brate 56
icons celebrate manuka honey

Manuka Honey

icons celebrate inflammatory

Anti inflamatory

icons celebrate gut bacteria

Good gut bacteria


Immune Activation

Take back your health & CELL•A•BRATE your vitality!

Our immune systems have become almost defenseless against the constant assault on our cells due to poor diets, mounting stress, toxins and the ever-growing threat of bacteria and viruses. Alovéa traveled across the globe to find “BEST IN CLASS” powerful nutritional ingredients to blend into a delicious base of nature’s “ideal” whole food source, Manuka Honey, to support cellular health in a new tasty chewable.

Take back your health & CELL•A•BRATE your vitality!

In these unordinary times, it will take a new approach to address today’s biggest health challenges.

Optimize your cellular health with nature’s most powerful molecules to provide your body with THE BEST DEFENSE against the growing epidemics of chronic and infectious disease. With CELL-A-BRATE, Alovéa’s proprietary blend that helps protect and defend your cells which is the key to supporting immune health from the inside.

AV FIX 1122 1 1
icons fix super charged


icons fix no sweetners

No artificial sweetners

icon fuel 2

Fights Stress


Fights occasional stress

Helps your body reduce excess cortisol and provide resistance to life’s daily stressors which may help reduce occasional stress, calm nerves and fight occasional anxious feelings.*

Enhances Mood

Works as a natural mood stabilizer to help the body cope with the physical, mental and emotional responses to relentless stress conditions.*


Alovéa AE™ contains the highest levels of immune activating Acemannans.*

No artifical flavors

No artifical colors

No artifical sweeteners

AV Entourage 0518
icon nongmo hemp

USA Sourced Non-GMO Hemp

icon enhanced absorption

Patented Delivery System for Enhanced Absorption

icon entourage no thc

Double Tested 0.00% THC

icon entourage tested

Independently Tested for Purity, Potency & Quality

High Potency, Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil with Alovéa AE™†

Alovéa Entourage’s blend of Phytocannabinoid Rich Hemp Oil, terpenes and immune modulating Acemannan helps the body manage mood, memory, sleep, brain function and joint health. A patented delivery system increases the bioavailability of broad-spectrum hemp oil multiple times over other CBD type oils.†


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