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Recovery Bundle

Recovery Bundle

Combines the most advanced nutritional products with the highly absorbable topical delivery technology to enhance the body’s recovery functions while relieving muscle soreness and fatigue from a strenuous activity event*


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Ingredients & Technology

AV Immun Family 0120
icons immun supercharged alovea


icons immun stem cell

Stem Cells

icons immun organic


icons hope pops non gmo


icons immun no chemicals

No chemical Preservatives

icons immun gluten free

Gluten Free

icons immun aloe vera

Aloe vera

icons immun immune support

Immune support

Get to the root of better health

Alovéa AE offers an effective, non-toxic integrative health strategy for supporting the body’s normal functions of defense, repair, and regeneration.

Over 70% of our immune system is found in the gut. Our proprietary Alovéa AE™ Aloe vera extract provides a unique formulation of the most powerful immune-balancing fractions of this incredible compound to provide the body with targeted immune support where it counts — in the gut.

AV Entourage 0518
icon nongmo hemp

USA Sourced Non-GMO Hemp

icon enhanced absorption

Patented Delivery System for Enhanced Absorption

icon entourage no thc

Double Tested 0.00% THC

icon entourage tested

Independently Tested for Purity, Potency & Quality

High Potency, Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil with Alovéa AE™†

Alovéa Entourage’s blend of Phytocannabinoid Rich Hemp Oil, terpenes and immune modulating Acemannan helps the body manage mood, memory, sleep, brain function and joint health. A patented delivery system increases the bioavailability of broad-spectrum hemp oil multiple times over other CBD type oils.†


AV EASE 0926 2
icons ease super charged


icons ease quality tested

Quality Tested

icons ease essential oils

Essential Oils

icons ease no thc


icons ease non gmo hemp

Non-gmo hemp

icons ease high absorbtion

High Absorbtion

icons ease gmp

GMP Compliant

icons ease co2

Co2 Extraction

Extra-strength salve with phytocannabinoid-rich oil.

Alovéa Ease™ offers an easy-to-use, rapid absorption proprietary blend of the Phytocannabinoid Rich Hemp Oil, Alovéa AE™ (Aloe vera extract) and rich Certified Organic Essential Oils to help soothe and ease discomfort and tension. You will feel the tingle!

Balms vs Salves

In the growing world of hemp topicals, there are many balms and salves. What’s the difference? Most balms sit on the skin and have to be rubbed in, while salves absorb into the skin. Salves are softer than balms and can be applied with a fingertip or small spatula.. Balms contain more beeswax and are harder.

Alovéa’s Ease utilizes a transdermal delivery system to optimize the incredible benefits of the phytocannabinoid rich hemp oil and Alovéa AE™ which when combined with the benefits of the certified organic essential oils, provides immediate absorption through the skin for a quicker easing of tension and discomfort. That extra tingle adds that special “wow” factor!

bio res sleep
icons biores sleep repair restore

Repair & Restore

icons biores sleep better sleep

Better Sleep

Revolutionary new strategy for sleep support.

Revolutionary new strategy designed to work with the body’s bio-resonance systems to supply nighttime support for a restful recovery.

Provides a revolutionary new “non-hormone” solution to poor sleep challenges. BIO-RES SLEEP supports your body’s ability to normalize its bioelectrical fight or flight responses to things like stress, anxiety, or occasional feelings of depression. This BIO-RES formula can help you experience a deeper more restful sleep.*

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